WordPress blog on free hosting in 5 minutes

WordPress is popular platform for blog and in this post we will install it on a free hosting in 5 minutes with a help of goPanel and virtual Ubuntu on your MacBook

What you need for your WordPress blog to make it work

  1. Files and Database on the hosting
  2. Domain name

Prepare WordPress files and database

  1. Start virtual machine
  2. Start goPanel app
  3. Go to your server
  4. In Dashboard go to Third Party Scripts
  5. Select WordPress manager: WP-CLI
  6. Click Install Selected Service

Database setup

  1. Go to Databases
  2. Click Create User Account
  3. Enter database user name
  4. Enter database user password
  5. Click Create User
  6. Click Create Database
  7. Enter database name
  8. Click Create Database
  9. Right-click on the user
  10. Select Grant Access To Database
  11. Select database
  12. Click Select All Privileges
  13. Click Add To Database

Installing WordPress files

  1. Go to Domains
  2. Click Add New Domain
  3. Enter domain name
  4. Enter FTP user password
  5. Click Create Domain
  6. Click Install Software
  7. Select WordPress
  8. Enter site name
  9. Enter owner e-mail
  10. Enter site owner name and password
  11. Select database name
  12. Select database user name
  13. Enter database user password
  14. Click Install (WordPress)

Domain name setup for blog

  1. Open Terminal
  2. sudo vi /etc/hosts
  3. Enter your MacBook password
  4. Go down to the last line
  5. Press i to edit
  6. Enter IP address – Tab – your domain name
  8. Press Esc
  9. Press button :
  10. wq!
  11. Press Enter

Check your WordPress website

  1. Start browser
  2. Check your site:

WordPress install video instructions

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