How to use the reminders app on the MacBook

In this article you will learn how to use the reminders app on a MacBook: create lists, add schedules, links, contacts, maps etc.

To create reminders – follow this instructions

  1. Open the reminders app
  2. Add several reminders by typing text
  3. Close a reminder by clicking on the checkbox
  4. To see completed reminders click Show
  5. To set reminder importance – click priority – low, medium or high
  6. Reminder can be scheduled to the time and date
  7. Reminder can be scheduled to the area of map
  8. You can add notes to the reminder
  9. You can add a website link in reminder
  10. You can add messages from the mail app
  11. You can add contact in reminder
  12. You can add places from the map
  13. You can group reminders by adding into the lists


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