How to use Safari browser at MacBook

“Your MacBook has a pre-installed application for Internet surfing: the Safari browser.
This article contains tips and tricks for the effective use of the Safari browser in macOS and iOS.”

How to use Safari windows and tabs

Learn how to use Safari windows and tabs: tips and tricks

Private Internet browsing

  • A private Safari window does not track the history of visited websites
  • Private window has a dark gray color of the search bar
  • Sites from a private window do not appear in the history list

Safari tabs

  • To make new tab in Safari – click menu File – New Tab
  • In the tabs you can open many sites at once – all in one window
  • In addition, to create tabs, you can click the plus icon on the right side of the tab bar
  • To create new tab press Command+T
  • To close tab press Command+W
  • You can open bookmarks in group in new tabs by one click
  • You can pin tab by dragging to the left
  • Unpin tab by right click or by closing
  • You can drag tab on the bar
  • If you drag tab out of panel – it creates new Safari window
  • Also you can drag tabs between windows
  • You can switch tab by pressing Command + tab number (1, 2, 3… 9)
  • You can view all opened tabs – press All tabs button
  • SafariStand plugin can add icons to your tabs



How to save web pages in Safari

Saved pages let you use them offline without Internet

  • To save web page click File – Save as – Page source
  • To open page offline – save as web archive
  • Web archive contains all pictures, styles and scripts to reproduce page offline
  • You can send page by email, save to MacBook or post at social sites



How to use Safari browser bookmarks

Manage your bookmarks, settings, tips and tricks for Safari

  • Open the web site
  • To bookmark page click Bookmarks – Add bookmark…
  • Select folder to save
  • By right click you can open bookmark in new tab
  • By left click, bookmark open in current tab
  • Open the bookmark in new window
  • Rename bookmark
  • Add icon image. Then reload window
  • Remove title but not icon. Then reload window
  • Manage – click menu Bookmarks – Edit bookmarks
  • Show or hide Favorites toolbar at View menu
  • Open all bookmarks at once
  • Add new folder to keep bookmarks
  • Save bookmarks from opened tabs



Sync the Safari bookmarks with iPhone

Synchronize bookmarks between devices by the help of iCloud

To have the same bookmarks on MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iMac – you need to enable Safari synchronize in iCloud

  • Enter to iCloud at iPhone and switch on Safari
  • On the MacBook go to Preferences – iCloud and enable Safari checkbox
  • Bookmarks will synchronized automatically
  • Now if you change bookmarks – they will changed at all devices



Safari extensions

The possibilities of the Safari browser can be increased with the help of extensions

  • Select menu Safari – Safari extensions…
  • Apple Safari extensions gallery

In the Apple Safari extensions gallery you can find extensions: Adblock, LastPass, Pin It Button, Translate, 1Password, Evernote Web Clipper, Save to Pocket, OneNote Web Clipper, Awesome Screenshot, Instapaper, eBay etc.

How to install, remove and use the Adblock Plus

  • To install Adblock Plus – click Install now
  • Adblock button added on Toolbar
  • To remove extension…
  • Menu Safari – Preferences…
  • … Extensions
  • Click Uninstall to remove extension
  • Adblock Plus removes advertisements on websites
  • The red number on the button indicates the number of blocked ads



How to tune Safari

You can speed up work in Safari browser by fine tuning its settings

General settings

  • Open menu Safari – Preferences…
  • Safari can be started with windows from last session
  • New windows open with favorites bookmarks
  • New windows can be opened with grid of most visited sites
  • You can choose grid of 6, 12 or 24 sites
  • New windows can be opened with homepage
  • You can change home page
  • New windows can be opened with empty page
  • New windows can be opened with the same page
  • Folder of download can be changed
  • Safe files can be opened automatically after downloading



Autofill forms

Use autofill of the forms in browser to save logins

  • Open menu Safari – Preferences – AutoFill
  • Enable checkbox – autofill using info from contacts
  • Click edit button
  • In contacts you can see little icon of the human head which indicates to your contact
  • Enter your contact info to fill in forms
  • Safari can suggest password
  • You can find saved passwords at Passwords tab
  • To view saved passwords click Show passwords
  • You can delete info – click remove
  • You can view other saved forms



Search and privacy

Search engines and security of the plugins in Safari browser

  • Open menu Safari – Preferences – Search
  • Select one of the search engines
  • Address bar and search bar are united in one
  • Try to search something in Google
  • Try to search in Yahoo
  • Searching in Bing
  • Try search in DuckDuckGo
  • When popup a question to run plugin, select: allow, later or never
  • You can manage permissions of plugins (Flash, Java etc.) in security tab
  • At privacy tab you can ask websites not track you



Advanced settings

Use advanced settings of the browser for fine tuning workspace

  • Open menu Safari – Preferences – Advanced
  • You can view full website address
  • Or only domain name
  • You can change page zoom
  • Use short-keys to zoom in and out
  • Command+Minus, Command+Plus
  • Press Command+0 to resize to 100 percent zoom
  • You can stop the plugin (like Flash) to save power (battery)
  • You can choose default website encoding (usually Unicode)
  • To show Develop menu – enable the checkbox



How to customize toolbar in Safari

You can add or remove buttons and other elements of the toolbar

  • Right click on the toolbar and select Customize toolbar…
  • Move the button to the toolbar and click Done
  • Use new button
  • To remove button – click Customize toolbar and move it out of the toolbar



Safari browser for developers

Develop web sites with the help of Safari browser – tips and tricks

  • Click menu Safari – Preferences – Advanced
  • To enable developer menu – click checkbox
  • In responsive design mode you can test web site layout
  • Web inspector – very powerful tool to develop web sites
  • Right click – Inspect element
  • At the right side of web inspector – change the style
  • Empty the cache to reload new web site elements



Safari browser, miscellaneous tips and tricks

Several tips and tricks for better use Safari browser

  • Enable status bar to view link path under cursor
  • To view web page offline click Read it later
  • Page will load without Internet
  • when downloading file – you can monitor process
  • In Full screen mode you can disable toolbar
  • Click Show all history, to search and view where you were
  • You can reopen closed tabs and windows using history menu
  • MacBook can read any text aloud – select text and right click on Start speak
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