Installing Ubuntu Server virtual machine

You can create virtual machine with Ubuntu Server operating system on MacBook with help of Ubintu ISO installation file and VMware Fusion

Ubuntu Server VM installation instructions:

  1. Open VMware Fusion
  2. Create a custom virtual machine
  3. Select Linux – Ubuntu64
  4. After save, virtual machine start automatically
  5. Power off: Virtual Machine – Shut Down
  6. Click Settings
  7. Click CDDVD
  8. Choose Ubuntu ISO file
  9. Start virtual machine (VM)
  10. Click Connect CDDVD
  11. Restart: Virtual Machine – Restart
  12. Click mouse inside VM
  13. To release mouse press: Control-Cmd
  14. Press arrows and Enter to select Ubuntu language
  15. Select your language and country
  16. Enter name of VM
  17. Enter user name and password
  18. Select your time zone
  19. Disk preparation: select Guided use entire disk
  20. Installation starts: copying files to disk
  21. Enter proxy information
  22. Select install security updates automatically
  23. Press Space to select OpenSSH, then Tab and Enter
  24. Select Yes to install boot loader GRUB
  25. Installation complete. Press Continue to restart VM
  26. Enter user name and password to enter to the Ubuntu Server

Video of installation virtual machine Ubuntu

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