Free web hosting: setup with goPanel

You can set up a free web hosting with help of goPanel and virtual machine Ubuntu Server in your MacBook

How to setup a free web hosting with goPanel

  1. Install goPanel
  2. Start the server Ubuntu virtual machine
  3. Enter to the virtual machine
  4. Use command ifconfig
  5. to get the server address (IP)
  6. IP:
  7. Open the goPanel
  8. Click +Add server to add new server
  9. Enter the information
  10. To configure the virtual machine for Web Hosting
  11. Click Install Selected Services
  12. Web Hosting Services are downloaded and installed
    1. MySQL: the databases server
    2. Pure-FTPD: the server of file transfer
    3. Apache: web server
    4. PHP: the scripting language
    5. Let’s Encrypt SSL: traffic encryption certificates
  13. You can install additional features
  14. Server settings at the bottom of the window goPanel
  15. Passwords can be seen by clicking Reveal Passwords
  16. Restarting the server: Reboot Server
  17. At boot time we can see status messages

Check the operation of the web server

Open the browser and go to the address
http: //
Red text says: It works
This means that our free web hosting working
A virtual server is ready to launch your web site

Video tutorial: setup of web hosting

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