Backup and restore with Time Machine

The Time Machine app is the simplest and powerful way to protect your files from being lost. The Time Machine holds backups at external disk drive: USB, Thunderbolt, connected to Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.

Prepare backup disk:

  1. Start the Disk Utility
  2. Select disk
  3. Click Erase
  4. Enter disk name
  5. Select disk format – OSXExtended
  6. Click Erase
  7. Close the Disk Utility

Setup Time Machine:

  1. Click Use as backup disk
  2. Time Machine setup
  3. Unlock settings
  4. Select disk to use for backup
  5. Countdown to backup start
  6. Switch OFF the Time Machine
  7. Click Options
  8. Add folders to exclude from backup
  9. Switch ON the Time Machine


  1. Do first backup: click Back Up Now
  2. Backup may take long time


  1. Let’s create some files on Desktop
  2. Do backup
  3. Remove files
  4. Let’s restore files – click Enter Time Machine
  5. This is Time Machine User Interface
  6. Choose what you want to restore
  7. Select date at the right
  8. Mark files to restore
  9. Click Restore
  10. Files restored

Recovery of entire MacBook:

  1. You can restore entire macOS in case of emergency
  2. Power on computer and hold Cmd+R
  3. In recovery menu select Restore from Time Machine Backup
  4. Plug in and select backup disk
  5. Select date and time of backup
  6. Select internal disk drive
  7. Restoring files…

How to use Time Machine (video)

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